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3D-Printed GBZ Screw Bracket

With a 3D-printed screw bracket you can avoid the whole process of fiddling with the original screw posts and epoxy and all that measuring to get it just right:

And in stead just line up the guides with the top of the case, and glue it down!

This part can easily save you a couple hours of time and frustration.

Printed on a Lulzbot Mini with Push Plastic polycarbonate, so it should be nice and strong/durable. It has some flex to it in the middle, but I tested it out by just gluing both sides down and it worked fantastically! Lined up perfectly on the first try and everything. Screws were nice and tight and I could not pull them out. Of course any plastic screw holes will strip if you over-tighten too much, so you still have to be careful.

$6 shipped within the US ($5 + $1 shipping)

$7 shipped internationally ($5 + $2 shipping)

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