sudomod market


The sudomod forums are a community of hobbyists who like to make and share electronics projects -- usually retro gaming-related and often using Raspberry Pi and Arduino. The sudomod market is simply a curated, more browsable interface for the buy/sell/trade section of those forums.

As with the buy/sell/trade forum: Nobody is responsible for anything that happens during a transaction except the two parties actually doing the selling/buying. Think of it as a craigslist-type structure.

There should be a link to a forum thread in every listing - please be sure to visit it to read more about the item, as well as to read feedback from other members about the seller and item.

sudomod is not responsible for any sales/purchases that go awry. Buy/sell here at your own risk!

If you would like to list a product on here, feel free to contact me and include a title, description, picture, forum thread link and a paypal link for your item!