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Kite's SUPER All-In-One Board

An 'All in one' PCB for the Game Boy Zero that really does do it ALL in ONE!

NEW Compute Module 3 version! Follow the link to see more details:



  • Main PCB fills the 'front' half of a shell
  • DPI LCD with support for 320x240 LCD (included)
  • Built in USB 2.0 HUB
  • Built in ATMEGA32u4 for buttons and joystick (UDLR, ABXY, L1L2, R1R2, JoyX, JoyY, battery monitor, AMP and WIFI enable/disable, status LED, backlight brightness control).. has 2x spare analogue pins as solder pads!
  • Supports the classic 'SNES' style button arrangement as well as the 'vertically aligned' style (required for the 3DS joystick in the middle)
  • Built in 1A charger and load balance (play and charge at same time, you'll need a 2.5/3A charger to do this)
  • Built in efficient regulators (3.3v and 5v)
  • Built in SD slot in contrast port
  • Built in 3.2W stereo amplifier + headphone jack (with auto switch off when headphones plugged in)
  • Built in volume pot
  • Built in Over temperature fan enable (5V or 3.3V)
  • Built in Safe shutdown, with low batt warning
  • Built in emergency shutdown (REALLY important if the Pi freezes or crashes as otherwise you'd have to disassemble to remove the power!)
  • Built in WIFI (with enable/disable by button combo)
  • Built in external USB port in the 'EXT' slot
  • Built in Micro USB port for charging and uploading sketched to ATMEGA32u4 (optional hole required to use this in a shell)
  • Additional 'mode' button to enable things like backlight adjustment, audio amp disable/enable, wifi enable/disable, etc (ideal to locate where the original barrel jack goes)
  • Supports a Pi Zero (directly soldered to PCB)
  • Supports a Pi3 (or 2) with optional 'GPIO Extender'
  • Supports a 640x480 LCD with an option '640LCD KIT'
  • The back half of shell is relatively untouched, cartridge boards can be used and solder pads available for SD card in cartridge

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