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mintyPi 3D-Printed Parts (old version)

I have both the 2.4" screen versions for the sets that Helder is selling, as well as 2.2" versions if you happened to get ahold of the 2.2" screen I was using early on and are happy with that size.

Colors available are Peppermint (red), Spearmint (green), Cinnamon (maroon), Wintergreen (teal), Liquorice (black), and clear: (the image below shows an older version of the models, which didn't have the logo yet)

Price is $30 + shipping. I looked at services like Shapeways, and they were asking for upwards of $40 for the whole set, so that price wasn't pulled from thin air. :) These take several prints from multiple types of filament, so they take quite a bit of effort to print all the pieces!

This includes the screws needed to assemble the mintyPi.

Guide for using these parts is here:

Discussion and more details over on the forums

My mintyPi paypal buttons are setup to work as a shopping cart! If you are going to purchase multiple mintyPi items from me, you can add all of them to your cart before checking out and avoid duplicate shipping fees.

This is the old version with screws in the bezel, intended for use with Helder's previous iteration of his parts. For the newer version with screw-less bezel that fit his newer parts, go here:

Screen size