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mintyPi v3 3d-Printed Parts

Single-color versions available are Peppermint (red), Spearmint (green), Cinnamon (maroon), Wintergreen (teal), Liquorice (black), and clear:

Price for solid-color options is $35 + shipping, this includes the screws needed to assemble the mintyPi as well as the drill guide (previous versions had this separate). Also includes a magnet for the bezel:

Multi-color options are $45 + shipping (I'm not able to produce these nearly as quickly, so that's why there is a price difference).

Textured prints for multicolor parts are now available!

My mintyPi paypal buttons are setup to work as a shopping cart! If you are going to purchase multiple mintyPi items from me, you can add all of them to your cart before checking out and avoid duplicate shipping fees.

Solid color (smooth)


Multi-color textured version


Multi-color smooth version

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