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mintyPi v3 Magnet & Screws

This set includes two things you need for mintyPi v3 (these are INCLUDED in the 3d-printed parts set that I'm also selling; this set is for those who are printing their own parts). It includes:

  • Correct size and strength magnet to fit into the bezel of mintyPi v3 for triggering the lid sensor, and automatically saving your game and shutting down the system safely
  • All the screws you need to assemble mintyPi v3, with the correct size screw head for recessing into the faceplate

My mintyPi paypal buttons are setup to work as a shopping cart! If you are going to purchase multiple mintyPi items from me, you can add all of them to your cart before checking out and avoid duplicate shipping fees.

This is a pre-order! They won't ship out until probably mid-February.

$3 + shipping (international orders will ship in a standard letter envelope and will take longer to arrive)

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