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Game Boy Display Stand

Display your Game Boy Zero (or original DMG-01) in style! These display stands are 3d-printed in high-quality settings on a Raise3D N2, using gorgeous wood-fill PLA filament; this gives them the appearance and feeling of being made out of wood. You can even sand and stain them! Available with and

mintyPi Hinge

This hinge is included in the 3d-printed mintyPi parts set from wermy, but if you need a new one, or if you just want one that is printed in a nice and strong polycarbonate blend, here you go! :) My mintyPi paypal buttons are setup to work as a shopping cart!

mintyPi Screw Set

This set comes with all the screws needed to put together the mintyPi: * 4 m2x3mm * 4 m2x8mm * 6 m2x4mm If you purchase the 3d-printed parts set from wermy it includes these screws. But if you are printing your own, lose some or strip some or whatever, here you go. :) My