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Retro Modding manufactures and distribute their own custom Gameboy DMG shells, buttons and screen lenses. They offer a wide array of products to help you get started on your Game Boy Zero project, including:

Unique GameBoy DMG shells
Game Boy DMG buttons, Game Boy DMG buttons (NES style)
Game Boy Plastic Screen Lens and Game Boy Glass Screen Lenses
Game Boy Conductive Silicone Parts
Freeplay Tech's Freeplay Zero Base Kits
Freeplay Tech's Freeplay CM3 Bit Kits
Raspberry Pi Zero W
Raspberry CM3
...and more can be found in their Game Boy Zero section. A convenient Freeplay Project Builder is available as a one-stop place to grab all required components for those wanting to attempt the Freeplay Zero/CM3 build. A Build-to-Order service is also available for original and Freeplay-based consoles.

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Retro Modding