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Safe Shutdown Switch v1.0 (BangGood Edition)

Camble's Safe Shutdown Switch is now available for the BangGood/GearBest power supply!


  • Works with BangGood / GearBest or any generic power supply module
  • Works with software to issue a shutdown command to the Pi
  • Keeps system powered until Pi shuts down
  • Works with original DMG-01 switch
  • Optional DPDT switch (included)
  • Low battery sensing (alerts at 3.3v)
  • Protective diode for your keep-alive pin (prevents GPIO22 from being pulled to 5v)
  • 2oz copper rated for 1A (tested up to 1.5A @ 5.1v)
  • Screw hole!

More information and pre-order on the forums!

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