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Safe Shutdown Switch (PowerBoost Version) v1.2

The Safe Shutdown Switch allows you switch your GBZ off without shutting down first. The shutdown signal is sent to the Pi when you slide the power switch. Once the Pi has safely shut down, the PowerBoost powers off. The board also allows you to interface your PowerBoost low battery signal with the Raspberry Pi without the need for additional modifications.

• Works with software to issue a shutdown command to the Pi.
• Keeps system powered until Pi shuts down.
• Works with Adafruit PowerBoost 500c/1000c.
• Works with the PowerBoost LBO pin to alert you of a low battery.
• DPDT switch included.
• Octagonal PowerBoost Headers (BAT/EN/GND/LBO).
• Circular Raspberry Pi Headers (3.3v/Shut-off/Keep-on/Low Battery).

• Safe Shutdown PCB v1.2.
• DPDT Switch.

Please take care when handling and soldering these boards. They include static-sensitive components and have a low thermal mass. Damaged boards with burnt traces or pads cannot not be replaced.

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